Howard Locke Shand

Howard Locke Shand was born August 25th, 1863 in Bridgewater, Lunenburg County, N.S. Howard was the only son of John Mull Shand who emigrated from Scotland in 1847 with his parents, Alexander and Jane (Forrest) Shand, along with 5 other siblings. An older brother and sister and a younger brother and two sisters. They originally settled in West Caledonia, Queens County, where Alexander built a home on the Whiteburne Road. Here is where the family lived until 1854. At that time they removed to Mersey Point, Queens County, which is located just outside of the town of Liverpool. Here Alexander built his second home, which still stands today. By 1860 Alexander and Jane’s family consisted of 11 children. Howard’s father, John was to become an astute business man and at the early age of 20 he learned the trade of Tin-Smithing and entered into the newly created industry of hermetically sealing canned goods. In 1863 John moved to Bridgewater and married Susan A. Rose and shortly afterwards Howard was born. He was followed 2 years later by a sister, Margaret who sadly passed away at the age of 2. In John’s early years he mostly canned fruits and vegetables. It wasn’t until the early 1870’s that he branched out into the canning of lobsters, which brought him to Bear Point, Shelburne County. He along with his brothers James and George set up a number of canneries between Lockeport and Pubnico. All of whom carried on with successful businesses. Howard’s father John was the first President and one of the three incorporators of the Barrington Telephone Company. Along with his canneries he operated a dry goods and grocery store, a hardware and lumber business and owned a steamer as well. He was also a Justice of the Peace and a municipal councillor. Howard was only 10 years old when his parents moved to Bear Point and this is where he grew up and learned the trade of Tin -Smithing and canning. In 1884 he married Emma Jane Nickerson and they had 4 children, Clayton Melvin, Margaret Bernice, Howard Ashton and Douglas Howard. The youngest being Douglas (which is where my name is derived from) He was born in Bear Point in 1893…..sadly only 11 short years later he was to die in Shag Harbour from diphtheria. Howard had moved from Bear Point to Shag Harbour sometime around 1900. Here he set up a canning business which remained prosperous up until the down-turn of the industry, which occurred just prior to the beginning of World War I, when at that time the shipping of live lobsters was becoming a booming industry. Howard was known far and wide as a citizen of sterling character, straight forward in all business dealings and was honoured and respected by all who knew him. His death on Dec. 19th, 1920 was preceded by a 2 week illness due to a combination of heart failure and diabetes. He was only 57 at the time of his death. His son, Clayton Melvin Shand was my great grandfather.
(Submitted by Douglas Shand, Shag Harbour)

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