Nehemiah Kenney

 Nehemiah Kenney

DIED MAR. 18, 1929


“May he rest in peace”

(Nehemiah Kenney (1838-1929)
He was a boat builder by trade. Nehemiah’s boatbuilding shop was located adjacent to the old Methodist church across the road from his home. Nehemiah and his wife (Martha Crowell, 1833-1905), would invite local ministers who preached here in Shag Harbour to stay overnight at their home.
Nehemiah’s son, Howard (1838-?) was a fisherman and was known to care for the minister’s horse(s) and carriage(s) when they stayed overnight on Sunday’s. Howard’s wife (Deborah E. Stoddart, 1873-?) would serve dinner to church members after morning church services, so that they could attend services at the Baptist church on Chapel Hill at two in the afternoon. (It is known that the Methodist’s usually attended Baptist church services and vice versa.)

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