Grantees of Shag Harbour


Warren Anson Kendrick

Born: 1743

Died: 1815

Anson Kendrick was born in South Orleans in September of 1734. He was the second son of Jonathon and Tabitha Kendrick. By trade, he was a carpenter. It is alleged that he was a soldier at the taking of Louisburg. However, he would have only been fifteen at the time, so there are doubts as to the legitimacy of this claim. He married Azubah Sears in 1765. Shortly after, he left New England to settle in Nova Scotia and was granted land in the Barrington Township between 1765 and 1770. He eventually moved from the Sherose Island lot to Shag Harbour, where he occupied part of Kendrick’s Island (Prospect Island). He was the first Kendrick to settle in Shag Harbour.

            Anson Kendrick’s death was a shocking tragedy. He was on a boat with his daughter, Abigail, and her family. They were heading to a Shag Harbour Island to collect bird eggs. Unfortunately, there was an accident and the boat was capsized. Everyone aboard the boat died, except for Abigail. She managed to bring the boat to shore. When she finally made it back home, she was asked where the others were, to which she replied, “They are in eternity.”

            There are discrepancies regarding his children. Some sources list thirteen. This list is as was written in the History of the Barrington Township.

Children of Warren Anson & Azubah (Sears) Kendrick:

Tabitha, born 1766

Edward, born 1768

Anson, born 1772

Martha, born 1774

David, unknown birth date

John, born 1776

Sears, unknown birth date

Azubah, unknown birth date

Huldah, born 1786

Phebe, born 1788

Abigail, born 1794







Joshua Nickerson

Born: 1733

Died: 1821

            Joshua Nickerson was born in Chatham, Massachusetts on May 27, 1733. He was the first child of Caleb & Mary (Godfrey) Nickerson. He married Esther Ryder on December 15, 1754 in Chatham. He came to the Township of Barrington in one of the first vessels and was granted a land deed.

He was reputed as a builder and was especially known for his work framing the Old Meeting House in Barrington. He had six sons, and they were active in local enterprise.


Children of Joshua & Esther (Ryder) Nickerson:

Caleb, born 22nd May, 1757

Levi, born 10th December, 1759

Joshua, born 1763

Zenas, born 15th January, 1767

Simeon, born about 1770

Reuben, born between 1770 and 1773

Judah Crowell

Born: 1703

Died: 1771

            Judah Crowell was born on May 6, 1703, in Chatham, Massachusetts. He was the third child and only son of Thomas & Elizabeth (Jones) Crowell. At the age of 30, on September 16, 1733, he married Tabitha Nickerson. Judah was nearly sixty years old when he moved to the Barrington Township in the early 1760s. He and two of his sons, Judah and Thomas, were granted land in the Township.

            Judah died in 1771, while hunting ducks.


Children of Judah & Tabitha (Nickerson) Crowell:

Judah, born 1734 (Grantee)

Thomas, born 28th February, 1735 (Grantee)

Elizabeth, born 1738

Eleazar, unknown birth date.

Ansel, unknown birth date

Archelaus, born 20th August, 1747

Heman Kenney

Born: 1732

Died: 1775

Heman (Heinan in some texts) Kenney was presumably born to Nathan & Mercy (Smith) Kenney in Chatham, Massachusetts in 1732. He died in Barrington Head, Nova Scotia on February 4th, 1775. He was married in Chatham on August 25th, 1752. His wife was Mercy Nickerson. On Cape Cod, he was a Magistrate, or ‘Justice of the Peace’.

He is thought to have migrated to Barrington, Nova Scotia in November 1761 with his family. There, he was appointed by the Nova Scotia government to become the first Magistrate of Barrington. It is assumed that his first five children were born in Chatham and the other seven were born in Barrington.

Children of Heman & Mercy (Nickerson) Kenney:

Heman, born 27th June 1753

Isaac, born 1755

Nehemiah, born 1757

Gamaliel, born 1760

Mercy, born 1761

Betsey, born October 1763

Sarah, born 8th September, 1765

Susanna, born 28th June, 1767

Nehemiah, 20th May, 1769

Daniel, born 13th December, 1771

Elizabeth, born 15th December, 1773

Mary, born 14th August, 1775

Archelaus Smith

Born: 1734

Died: 1821

            Archelaus Smith was born on April 23, 1734, in Chatham, Massachusetts. His parents were Deacon Stephen & Bathsheba (Brown) Smith. He married Elizabeth Nickerson in Chatham in 1752. In 1760, he began planning to move with his family to Barrington, Nova Scotia. He and his family were to be some of the area’s earliest settlers. Archelaus spent the summer of 1760 fishing in the Barrington area and it was during that time that he decided that native hostility in the area was too great. Elizabeth wasn’t aware of his change of heart and she took the family to Barrington before Archelaus returned to Chatham. By the time Archelaus returned to Barrington, his family was being cared for by the natives of the area. These were the same people he had determined hostile.

            By trade, Archelaus was a tanner and a shoemaker, but after moving to Barrington Head, he was appointed to be clerk of the proprietors as well as a community Magistrate and a surveyor. He was known as a quiet, patient and easy man and was well respected within the community.

            In 1773, he moved to Cape Island and that was where he died on August 3, 1821.


Children of Archelaus & Elizabeth (Nickerson) Smith:

Susanna, unknown birth date

Hezekiah, unknown birth date

Mercy, unknown birth date

Eunice, unknown birth date

Stephen, born 1764

James, born 1787

Archelaus, unknown birth date

Hannah, unknown birth date


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