Firsts of Shag Harbour

***The first schoolhouse in Shag Harbour was built across the road from the old Sons of Temperance Hall. It was, according to local history, a log school.

***The first school teacher here was Samuel Kimball; he boarded in the village and it is said that the only children who attended school were those who had parents paying the teacher for his (her) work.

***Another school was built of timber and was located near Dayson Kendrick’s house (later Sidney and Edith Shand’s house). It was later moved to the south of the first school.

***A larger school was built on an embankment near the main road and near the property division line between Roger Shand’s and Wallace Crowell’s. Later, it was demolished.

***The fourth school was built near the main road almost across from the post office; it was built in the 1890’s, and later became a church.

***The main road through Shag Harbour was first paved in 1936.

***Chapel Hill Museum stands on the site of the first trading post in western Nova Scotia. The post and site were known as “Vieux Logis” meaning “Old House” and was marked on Champlain’s map of the area of 1612.

***This building has been and continues to be an impressive landmark. It has served as a guide for mariner’s for many years due to its imposing position at the crest of Chapel Hill.

**According to local and oral history, the first church was built to the west of Ernest Nickerson’s store, across the main road from the government wharf on property owned by Avery Shand.

***Later, a more modern church was built further east on the hill, where the “Chapel Hill” church stands.

***The first (old) church was once used as a barn when the more modern church was built.

***The Baptist Church, now the Chapel Hill Museum, was built in 1856-57.

***The old Methodist Church, also called the Providence United Church, was built in 1881-82 on land donated by Leonard Kenney.

***One of Shag Harbour’s schools was renovated and now serves as the United Baptist Church.

***In 1855, the first post office was established in Shag Harbour and is still open for business today.

***The most southerly point in mainland Nova Scotia is located in Shag Harbour village.

***Dr. Israel was the first medical doctor here.

***The first railroad train passed over the rails here in November 1899; in 1901, trains ran from Yarmouth to Barrington Passage.

***The first lobster factory was built at the shore on land owned at that time by Ashton Shand about the year 1857. It was operated by Solomon Kendrick, a sea captain. About the year 1900, another lobster factory was constructed by John Shand Sr. Which operated for a few years.

***The first dry goods store was built by Isaac Nickerson, grandfather to Percy Banks and was located where Henry and Edna Kendrick’s house was later built. It was moved to the post office location.

***The old hearse house stood in the area where Viola and Moyle Crowell’s house stands today.

***A Meeting a House, possibly the first, stood near the shop of Warren Crowell, later owned by Morton Smith.

***According to local history, the first house was built by Zara Smith (1768-1843), son of David and Thankful (Reynolds) Smith.

***David Kendrick (1770-1819), son of Warren Anson Kendrick owned and operated the first blacksmith shop near the shoreline.

***The first road running through Shag Harbour was laid over higher land by a French person whose surname was D’Entremont.

From the research and writings of Trudy D. Atkinson

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