The Aberdeen was a Canadian Government Steamer built in 1894, and used to supply light stations and to attend buoys along the Bay of Fundy shores. She stranded in a dense fog off Limbs Limb Ledge on the south west coast of Seal Island on October 13th, 1923, when on a voyage from St. John to Cape Island Light Station. Her master, Capt. Loran Kenney of Shag Harbour, had been in command for many years and he put out into the fog against his better judgement. The Aberdeen was carrying the new light apparatus for Cape Sable and much metal in her deckload may have affected her compass. The 45 members of her crew and her three passengers took to the ship’s boats and rowed safely to Seal Island. She began to make water immediately upon striking, but did not at once break up. It proved impossible to refloat her and she pounded to pieces where she lay

The Wreckwood Chair by Evelyn Richardson

(May be purchased from the Cape Sable Historical Society)

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