M.S. Swaine

M.S. Swaine

Type of Business: Store

Owners: Elnathan Smith; Wilbert Smith; Ivy & Merle Swaine; Burnley & Heather Waybret; Violent LeBlanc

Established: early 1900s

Shut Down: 1980s

     The store was opened in the early 1900s by Elnathan Smith. He died in 1938 and ownership of the store went to his son, Wilbert Smith. Wilbert owned the store for almost a decade before passing it on to Ivy and Merle Swaine. They ran the store for thirty years. In 1977, they sold it to Heather and Burnley Waybret. After three years, Violet LeBlanc bought it and, after running it for a few years, she made the decision to finally close the doors of the old store.

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