Larkin & Shand Boatbuilders

Larkin & Shand Boatbuilders

Type of Business: Boat Shop

Owners: Andrew Larkin, Elroy Shand

Established: 1930

Shut Down: 1972

     Andrew Larkin originally worked as a fisherman. During the off season of 1929, he tried his hand at building a few small skiffs and dories and found success. In 1930, he and his son-in-law, Elroy Shand, began building boats full time. The business started in Andrew’s barn, and eventually moved to a bigger building on Prospect Point. In 1943, Larkin & Shand Boatbuilders were contracted by the Royal Canadian Air Force to build three vessels to be used in Halifax Harbour. In 1964, Andrew Larkin passed away. The business continued until Elroy’s retirement in 1972.

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