Fisheries of the Late 1800s

Fisheries of the Late 1800s:

1891: Lobster Packing Co.

Workers: Names unknown

1896: Lobster Canneries [3]

Workers: E. Larkin, Chas. Wickens, H. L. Shand, W. H. Rodgerson, John Shand Jr.

1897: Floating Factory

Workers: John M. Shand; Messrs E. Larkin, H. L. Shand, H.E. Kendrick

      The first lobster factory was built at the shore about the year 1857: Operated by Solomon Kendrick.

Around 1900 a lobster factory was constructed by John Shand Sr.


Howard Shand’s Lobster Cannery on Squaw Point

He passed away in 1920 which is around the time the canneries died out.

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  1. Christy says:

    When you say “Howard Shand’s Lobster Cannery on Squaw Point”, is Squaw Point located down on the point behind Kevin Swaine’s tankshop?

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