About Chapel Hill Museum






Open: June 15th – Sept. 15th

Free admission

   This former United Baptist Church was built in 1856 and is situated on a site known as Chapel Hill. It was also once the location of a 17th century French trading post known as Le Vieux Logis. After the Acadian Expulsion, (which began in 1755) the English Governor offered the cleared French lands to those who were willing to leave their families and homes in America and settle in the new colony. These new colonists (known as New England Planters) trace their descent from the families who sailed on the Mayflower and the Loyalist who founded the state of Massachusetts. In 1760, a handful of these industrious, innovative and hardworking New England Planter families began to build a thriving community in the Barrington Township. Several years later (still holding onto their religious persuasions and values) these same New England Planter families though divided would help support the American Revolution. In 1785, as life took hold in the Township the outlying community of Shag Harbour was established. Here family names from its original grantees list, such as Adams, Banks, Crowell, Hopkins, Kendrick, Larkin, Nickerson, Smith and Stoddard. can still be found. Shag Harbour is rich in seafaring history and in the Chapel Hill Museum you can see displays and artifacts depicting a way of life which is now gone.